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The criminal case against Anastasia Denisova - is absurd and unreasonable!
We demand the withdrawal of charges and demand the cessation of pressure on the human rights defender.

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Is Microsoft Able to Control Its Representatives?

We publish the response from Microsoft Corporation to the appeal of Lyudmila Alexeyeva, the head of Moscow Helsinki Group, that was supported by well-known human rights defenders, lawyers and public figures.

The manner of the reply makes us doubt that Microsoft-Russia is fully aware about the actions of its representatives in the regions of Russia. For example, Mr. Strakh, intellectual property attorney in Microsoft-Russia, who issues powers of attorney to the representatives, says that Mr. Ivut is the representative of the Corporation in Krasnodar. At the same time, Mr. Ivut himself states that “RESPECT” Ltd acts on behalf of Microsoft by its director Vladimir Ivut in the South Federal region of Russia”. So it is still not clear, whether a natural or juridical person represents Microsoft and on what territory.

In the similar way, the information from Mr. Strakh about the source for prices estimation does not tally with the reply from Mr. Ivut. Obviously, the truster is not aware about other actions of his agent, for example, about the intention to bring a civil action during court hearings, declared during the questioning.

Such discrepancies give us enough ground to be concerned about the control over the action of Microsoft representatives by Microsoft headquarters.