Our position:

The criminal case against Anastasia Denisova - is absurd and unreasonable!
We demand the withdrawal of charges and demand the cessation of pressure on the human rights defender.

Important dates

It is our Victory: criminal case against Anastasia Denisova is Closed

On May 11, 2010 attorney Marina Dubrovina, received a reply (In Russian: p. 1, p. 2) from the Krasnodar krai prosecutor's office, which stated that the criminal case against Anastasia Denisova had been closed on April 19, 2010 because of the absence of the elements of a crime. Earlier Youth Human Rights Movement had also got a response to its appeal, which as well declared the action withdrawn. When journalists obtained the information, the head of the press-center of a municipal police Ilya Shakalov confirmed it.

Without exaggeration this can be called our common victory! :)

Only several months ago some of us were sure that Anastasia's situation is fraught with a real imprisonment; only several weeks ago nobody believed that the case, handed over to the court could ever be returned to the prosecutor; only several days ago we considered that chances were slim that the case would be closed, and now we are ready to demand apology and compensation for moral damage. We think it is a huge difference!

It is especially important to us that we helped the person, dear to us, the participant of Youth Human Rights Movement, member of its Coordinating Council. That means that we are able to be there for a friend in a plight. We would like to say Thank you to all those people, who were actively involved in the solidarity campaign with Stasya, to those, who forwarded appeals, assisted in compiling documents, sent letters of support, posted information in blogs and mass media or attracted attention to the case by different means and demanded to stop criminal persecution. This victory would not be possible without your vigorous participation and support!

We express our gratitude to Anastasia's lawyers – Marina Dubrovina and Ramil Akhmetgaliev and to Association “AGORA”, which was responsible for the legal side of the case and defended Anastasia in court.

By officially closing the case due to the absence of the body of a crime, the law enforcement agencies have acknowledged what we stood upon from the very beginning: criminal proceedings were unlawful. But we do not think we should stop at this moment and we plan to do the following.

Firstly, we consider important to receive official apology in writing, as well as documents about the dismissed obligation not to leave the territory, the statement about the criminal case closure, as it is provided by law. Anastasia says: “It is weird to get to know that the criminal case against you was closed from the organization in Voronezh and from my lawyer. I have not been personally informed either about the initiation or about the closure of the case. It is hard for me to realize that such a mechanism has been broken at last. Anyway I would like to express my sheer gratitude to all YHRMers, their friends and partners, who supported me!

Secondly, we will keep clarifying the position of Microsoft Corporation and its representatives in Krasnodar. In our opinion such activities from its behalf, harm its image. Microsoft policy in terms of its representatives gives room for such politically-motivated cases and persecution of activists, human rights defenders, journalists.

We would like this scheme to be stopped or hard to use. That is why we will need your support and ideas: when our complaints about the unlawfulness of the written obligation not to distribute the information of the case are going to be looked into; when we going to further investigate the role of rights holder representatives and doubtful expert institutions.

Hopefully you will support our efforts. Our mutual assistance is vital and, as in an example of the solidarity campaign with Anastasia Denisova shows, is capable of real changes! If you are ready to assist in other cases when human rights defenders are being persecuted, join our network of human rights defenders protection! hrd@yhrm.org

We again would like to say how much we appreciate the efforts of all those who supported Anastasia Denisova! All together we were able to win!

We are going to keep on posting latest news on the website: http://denisova.yhrm.org, and feel free to learn them by e-mail: solidarity-denisova@yhrm.org,

Human rights defenders protection team

Victoria Gromova

Dmitry Makarov

Sergey Sabanov